Our non-profit organization is dedicated to establish a Stadium in Zachary’s honor. A dream of his we intend to fulfill. Please check out our Calendar for all of our up-coming events in support of our cause…
“Zach’s Stadium”.

We sincerely thank everyone for all your love and support,
Mike, Necole, Christopher, Zachary and Nicholas

In Memoriam
Zachary Tompkins



It has been a very long (and emotional) thirty months. Our family, friends, volunteers, sponsors, community, and everyone in between – have been working diligently in making sure that Zachary’s dream comes true. Honestly, up until now we have been working on an Angel wing and a prayer. We have been hearing “You have a great project!”

We have encountered our share of ups and downs but we continued on, reminding each other to never to lose sight of our goal…Zachary’s dream. There were days that I wanted to throw in the towel and I would cry to my friends and say “What in the world was I thinking?” My friends would remind me, I was thinking of Zachary. They also reminded me of this…
“A day sooner rather than later will come, when his dream will be a reality and all the children will play the game he loved… on his field.”

I saved this message on my phone and continue to read it daily.

Now, what we have been hearing is a great project is coming to fruition. That day is now approaching and will be a reality.No more setbacks. No more waiting.

The EPA and the New Hampshire DES have OK’d our plan to clean up the site to get ready for breaking ground. We Officially have the GREEN LIGHT!!!

It is with great excitement that all of us at The Zach Fund would like to invite all of you to our
Official “Zach’s Stadium – Ground Breaking Ceremony”
October 26, 2012
9 Industrial Drive
Hudson, NH 03051

Joining us will be Governor Lynch, along with Congressman Bass, Laurel Bisteny (REDC major funding source), our state representatives and many more.

New Hampshire has never seen a project like this! The children will have a safe place to play football and we will have decontaminated town land without any taxpayer money.

Zach’s field is just a matter of being built.

Thank you so much for your love, dedication, support and for believing in Zachary.

Much love,
Necole, Mike, Christopher, Nicholas & our Heavenly Angel Zachary

March 8th, 2011 Article 15 for Zach’s Stadium in the Town of Hudson was approved! This is a major accomplishment towards Zach’s Dream!

“It was all for Zach: A Day Of Remembrance”

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